The Color Experience Website Redesign

Back in 2011 when I was studying at the School of Arts and New Media (Scarborough, UoH), one of my module assignments was to redesign the website for the Bradford Color Museum. The now defunct website was a wonderful array of questionable usability and design choices. Granted the website was very old and designed to serve as an “online experience” of sorts.

I no longer have the assignment brief but I remember concentrating on re-structuring the content of the original website to three entities: website, YouTube and Wiki. The original website had a lot of information about different fabric dyeing processes so instead of making a complex library for the website, I created a separate Wiki. Wikis are great for small non-commercial hobbyist communities for organizing knowledge.

I started a YouTube account for the Color Museum to in a way replace the “multimedia” aspect of the website. Making videos is a relatively easy and cost effective way to add promotable content to your website and is very user friendly.

It was my first time creating a website mockup with Illustrator. For the main theme I picked a rainbow like palette of colors to display in the background. I restructured the information on the original site under appropriate headers and pages. The mockups are a little unpolished but them being my first website redesign project, I’m happy with how they turned out.

You can view the mock up slides on Flickr