Review your old Facebook posts easily

Reviewing your old (and perhaps embarrassing) Facebook posts by using the “Activity log” is a lot of work. Active users have thousands, if not tens of thousands of likes, comments, posts and so on to go through. An easier way is to check the “On this day” feature once a day. It lists all the posts you made on that particular day of the year. If you do this every day for 365 days, in theory you have just gone through all of your Facebook posts!

Logout & test

This is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way, more than once. Whenever you are working on your blog or social media channel, you’re logged in to the service you are using. Make sure you test your content either by logging out or using something like “Incognito” mode on Chrome or “Private browsing” on Firefox.

Why?  Sometimes logged in users (especially admin-level) see different content than those who aren’t logged in. There might be content that appears to be published, but in reality it’s set as private and is only visible to admins. For example, on YouTube, if you click the “Videos” feed on your channel, you will see ever single video you’ve ever uploaded, regardless of their visibility status. You might have set some videos as “private” or “unlisted” and forgotten about it, then wonder why you aren’t getting any hits.

This doesn’t just apply to social media or WordPress, same advice goes for developing websites and applications. Developers and designers almost always require/use admin-level privileges when creating something new. It’s really easy to forget to test as a regular user, especially when in a rush.