One is enough

Avoid creating more than one social media account (especially personal ones) on each platform (Twitter, Instagram etc.). Whatever your reasons might be, consider this:

  • Unless there’s a clear distinction between the two, you’ll end up hesitating which one to use
  • Managing two accounts takes more time and effort than just one
  • When you meet new people, which account do you introduce them to?
  • The accounts might have overlapping audience. Sometimes you might feel like posting similar content on both accounts but do you want to expose your audience to both?

Of course there are benefits in using separate accounts, but you have to consider if they outweigh the disadvantages.

How I find relevant #hashtags

It’s no secret that I use multiple hashtags to promote my posts on Twitter (and the same for photos on Instagram). Depending on the subject matter, sometimes I can’t always come up with enough hashtags to fill the 140 character limit. That’s when I use my secret technique: source hashtags from other users. I do a search for a hashtag that’s relevant to my topic and then scroll through posts to see what other hashtags people have used in conjunction. This is particularly useful when trying to find Finnish hashtags (I blame noun cases).

I love Instagram stories

Stories are probably the best feature ever introduced to Instagram. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, stories are those short videos and pictures that stay up for 24 hours before they’re deleted.

There are three big reasons why I love stories:

  1. I try to keep my Instagram accountclean” of pics of what I ate or blurry videos. I solely use it to showcase the better, high quality pictures I take. Stories allow me to post content that isn’t really worthy of a picture or a video share, but still something I want to promote.
  2. Stories are optional. I can post twenty stories a day, and nobody has to go through them in their feed. On some social media accounts (especially Facebook), I’ve even had to unfollow certain people who constantly spam meaningless, low quality posts that end up filling my feed.
  3. I love the concept of having something up for only 24 hours. I have no pressure in creating content that I know will be gone the next day.