What’s the price of nothing?

I like pricing that has a clear connection to the associated costs. If I want to upgrade a Dropbox license from Free to Pro or Business, I understand why I have to pay. Upgrading unlocks an extra 998 gigs of space, so at least in theory, there’s a terabyte of HD space and unlimited bandwidth reserved for me. Costs money. Google Docs apps are free to use, but again, upgrading storage space costs something. Understandable.

Then there’s pricing that I’m not a big fan of, for example certain Microsoft products. Want to have 8 users instead of 4 on your server? Buy a better license. Need remote desktop on Windows 10? Buy a better license. I’m sure complex sales projections have been made to justify locking down features, but my monkey brain has a hard time accepting it. It’s like buying a V8 car and running it on 4 cylinders because you didn’t buy the ECU upgrade from Ford.

I’m not saying there aren’t costs involved in developing more features, and certainly not denying the right to use this model. But I am saying I’m not a big fan of it.